Saturday, 9 February 2013

Poverty And The Banking Elite’s Death Toll

This world wide recession need not have happened, it was man made. With the political will man could fix it but it is now becoming obvious that there is only the will to retain and protect the fraudulent systems that created the recession while making those less well off pay for the mistakes of the political banking elite.

As with any actions there are consequences.
Across the world, it is well documented that poverty is on the rise as a direct consequence of the recession brought about by fraudulent banking protected by a misguided or just plain corrupt political elite.

In the UK a recent report by the Rowntree Foundation  ‘Child and Working Age Poverty From 2010 To 2020′ states -

“The period between 2009-10 (the latest household income data available) and 2012-13 is likely to be dominated by a large decline in real incomes across the income distribution. Absolute poverty is forecast to rise by about 600,000 children and 800,000 working-age adults. Median income is expected to fall by around 7% in real terms, which would be the largest three-year fall for 35 years.”

In the USA the NPC (National Poverty Center) states -

“In 2010, 15.1 percent of all persons lived in poverty. The poverty rate in 2010 was the highest poverty rate since 1993. Between 1993 and 2000, the poverty rate fell each year, reaching 11.3 percent in 2000.”

In Greece the Quarterly EU Labour Market Review, March 2012 states -

” The overall at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion rate for the total population stood at 27.7 percent in 2010, higher than the EU27 average of 23.4 percent. The risk-of-poverty (income-poor) rate was 20.1 percent in 2010, following an increase from 19.7 percent in 2009, whereas the EU average is 16.4 percent. The risk of poverty for children (23 percent) is higher than the EU average which stood at 20.6 percent in 2010.”

Poverty, from a Global point of view, is usually associated with the third world countries, and there are many respected reports out there on the net showing how from Bangladesh to Brazil, the banker’s recession is having a direct impact on raising their levels of poverty.
In 2008 it was estimated by The World Bank that there were 1.29 Billion people living in absolute poverty, it also estimates that 53 Million more people were pushed into poverty as a direct result of the financial crisis, adding the prediction that this induced poverty will lead to an additional 200,000 to 300,000 babies dieing  each year.

From decreased charity funding and broken promises for aid in Africa to 2700 ‘cold weather’ deaths a year in the UK directly linked to poverty (Professor John Hills London School Of Economics) the politicians and their paymaster bankers in a bid to protect their failed fraudulent system are imposing systems of austerity to combat the recession, the consequence of which is death on a scale never imagined by Hitler and his death camps

In his book ‘The End of Poverty’ Professor Jeffrey Sachs estimated 20,000 humans die each day from poverty.

From the above figures of recession induced increasing poverty in the UK, USA and Greece I would guesstimate the actual percentage increase in worldwide poverty is somewhere between .4% and 4%, based on Sachs’s estimate that would mean an additional 80 to 800 people die a day world wide as a direct result of the omnipotent banker’s greed and the inept political elite’s actions.

The political methods being used to combat this man made recession are like fighting an outbreak of chicken flue by bailing out the farmers to produce more diseased chickens. The farmers produce our food, they are too important to fail so if they are financed to produce enough diseased chickens and the human population takes the hit eventually only the immune humans will survive and all will be well!!
It is time to wake up and realise our system is fundamentally  broken, only then maybe we can do something about it. Poverty causes death, the financial crisis is causing poverty.

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