Saturday, 2 February 2013

Spanish PM Rajoy Denies Corruption

Cases of corruption in local and national politics in Spain, of which there are currently over 300 reached fever pitch this week when El Pais published what it called the "secret accounts" of former party treasurer for Spain's ruling Popular Party Luis Barcenas.

Luis Barcenas, who served in the party's treasury for 20 years, resigned in 2009 after he was first named in a National Court probe into alleged irregular financing practices by the party.

The 'secret accounts' show that the spanish PM Rajoy received as of 1997 some €25,000 each year.

Party secretary general Maria Dolores de Cospedal who for three years tried to stop the Court investigation, and one of the alleged recipients is reported to have said some of the entries published corresponded to payments made within the group while others were false.

The unexplained fund of 22 million Euros was found in a Swiss bank account in Luis Barcenas's name who subsequently took advantage  of a controversial government amnesty for tax evaders to "regularize" roughly half the Swiss account money, something the Finance Ministry denied.

Mr Rajoy said today
"We can't permit that Spaniards, whom we are asking to make sacrifices, could have the impression that were are not up to strictest ethical standards."

Probably a little late for that sentiment, a recent poll, conducted by El Pais, suggested that 96 per cent of Spaniards believe that the level of political corruption is “very high”

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