Monday, 11 February 2013

United Kingdom, A Fledgling Dictatorship?

When one million people took to the streets to protest against the Blair government's decision to got to war with Iraq there were one million people exercising their right to peaceful protest.
This 'Right' is embodied in Article 11 of The Convention of European Human Rights, the Right to Protest and Freedom of Association.
In the UK, unlike most countries there is no written Constitution or Bill Of Rights. A recent parliamentary investigation into the possibility of creating a Bill of Rights decided there was not enough support for it among MPs.
So, contrary to popular belief, in the absence of European Human Rights the citizens of the United Kingdom have no rights.
The unwritten, or uncodified UK Constitution reveals a system that allows everything that has not had law made against it, to put that another way if there is no law, or interpretation of law preventing an action a citizen can perform that action.
But who makes the Law?
Parliament is free to make any law it likes, in addition there is no rule or law preventing the House of Commons from bypassing the House of Lords completely (Parliament Act 1911 and 1949).
In fact, contrary to popular belief, A UK Government need not even win an election to remain in power-

 "Stanley Baldwin's government lost its majority in the general election of December 1923, but did not resign until defeated in a confidence vote in January 1924."

With the benefit of hindsight (not to take anything away from those million marchers with foresight) It appears that for what ever reason, Tony Blair and a group of committed colleagues with false information and scare tactics got Government to agree to going to war with Iraq.
Tony Blair, some years later says he believed it was the right thing to do and so it got done, as did some years before him Lady Thatcher when she sent a task force to win back the Falklands. Neither of whom were dictators but both were dictatorial, all dictators believe they are doing the right thing.

If David Cameron does not get a majority in the next General Election it is legally possible for him to remain at Number 10, it is legally possible he could still hold a referendum on Europe, it is possible the citizens of Britain will vote to hand back their Human Rights to Brussels, including their Right to peaceful protest .
Without the protection of European Law, without a majority in Parliament and bypassing the House of Lords the Cameron Government could quite legally pass a law (based on a Blair type perceived threat) dissolving Parliament and creating a dictatorship.

I am not suggesting the above will happen, I am suggesting without the protection of European Law it could happen and would be completely legal.

It happened in most of Europe in the 1930s which is probably why the EU has put in place such protection for us European Citizens.

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